Rental Home with Pet, Smoke or Mildew Odors? Have a Home that just won't sell because of the smell?

We Understand....We've been there before....

As property managers, we constantly dealt with odor issues in our properties. We finally found a solution that actually works.

When we treat your property with our unique mulit-step system, you will be amazed. We eliminate Pet, Smoke, Mildew and the "What is it?" Odor from homes and apartments. Unlike other systems, our process is Ozone free. We don't mask the odor, or clean the air. We eliminate the odor.

These odors penetrate the the fibers of carpets, upholstery and curtains . They cling to the walls and ceilings of all rooms, including garages.

We don't use Ozone!!! Our EPA approved chemicals penetrate those same fibers and surfaces to actually deactivate the odor causing source. We also utilize a dry fog as well, which fills the room, reaching all surfaces, including the walls and ceilings. Your odor-free home is ready to rent or sell in just a couple of hours, not days.

Our system is not only extremely effective, it's extremely affordable. Call the Odor Doctor for a free qoute. Be sure to ask about our "New Client" special.