Ozone Free Odor Elimination

With our Unique Multi-Step System, we completely eliminate the odors that other systems just can't remove.

While other systems attempt to solve odor problems using Ozone or Chlorine Bombs, they are simply cleaning the surrounding air or masking the problem. Our system is OZONE FREE!!!! It penetrates the fiber surfaces where the odor is trapped. Odors that are locked in the surfaces of carpet, upholstery, drapes, walls, ceilings and vehicles are neutralized and removed, leaving a fresh clean scent.

Our chemistry attacks the protiens from pet and tobacco, deactivating them. We then utilize a dry fog which penetrates into the fibers of surfaces where the odor "lives", eliminating the actual source of the problem.

Whether you have a problem from pet, smoke, mildew or general "who knows what it is" odors, we have the solution. We treat all types of "locations" and your satisfaction is guaranteed! Ask us how....

From Pets to Cigars... Homes to Cars.... We get the Odor OUT!