Have a stinky Car/Truck/RV you can't sell? 

 Don't wholesale it!!! Just call the Doctor!

 Let's face it, some of your clients smoke. Whether it's cigarettes or cigars, the odor lingers in their cars. Fido's "autograph" still there ? From pet odors, smoking issues, moisture problems or food and beverage scents, we have the solution. Now that it's in your inventory, it's your problem. That's where we can help. We can have that vehicle ready to sell in just about an hour, not days....

Has an RV in your inventory been closed up and now has that "not so fresh" mildew smell? Did someone go fishing and leave the "gift" of odor behind? Were they smokers or dog lovers? We can fix that!

Our unique multi-step system is Ozone free. We don't mask the odor and we don't just clean the air. We eliminate the source of the problem.

Tobacco smoke, pet odors and other odor issues permiate the surfaces in Automobiles and RV's. While Ozone will clean the air, it isn't really effective on odors that are locked inside the fabrics and surfaces of vehicles. These odors are protein based, and our EPA approved chemistry attacks these same proteins, deactivating them. Not just reducing them, but eliminating them. The dry-fog step in our process follows the same trail as the odor, penetrating and removing the source of the odor.

Our service is extremely affordable as well. The average vehicle cost is under $100. RV's, while larger, are still very budget friendly. Again, we GUARANTEE our work. Be sure to ask for details when you contact us. Also ask about our "New Client" special. References available upon request.