As a Detail Manager working in the Automotive Industry for almost 10 years now, I have witnessed all types of interior and exterior issues that come with reconditioning cars. One of the biggest culprits is overpowering odors, and trying to find anything to get the offensive odors out of the vehicle. Recently I had a loaner car returned by a customer to be detailed for future use. As soon as I opened the car door, an intense smell of cigarettes came wafting out. It was appalling and I was concerned if the detailers would even be able to get rid of the smell. Now, I am very pleased with the products that our company uses, but no matter what we tried, that smell just lingered. I already felt pretty-well defeated and didn't have much hope left for this car. Considering how great a loss this would be for the company, I decided to try one last thing. I called Odor Doctor and set up an appointment with them for the next afternoon.

The Tech came to work on the vehicle. He arrived on time, properly dressed and very well mannered. It only took them about 45 minutes to treat the vehicle. When they finished, I came out to inspect the vehicle and was thoroughly pleased with the results. I could not detect one trace of the rancid cigarette smell and the car smelled as if it were brand new.

Overall my experience with this company has been fantastic. I would say that the timing for the whole process is pretty fast and the pricing was quite fair when you take into consideration that the vehicle was a luxury full size sedan. They now handle any interior troubles with odors for our firm.

Kim Fulton

Reconditioning Manager

Tom Bush BMW-Jacksonville, FL

We love the Odor Doctor. Our Technician stopped by and offered a free demo. I gave her a challenge. We had a Scion on the lot for 100 days. It smelled so strongly of dogs, that we just couldn't move the car. I asked her to treat that car as our Demo. It took her about an hour and she told us to leave it locked up for another hour. I really didn't know what to expect but agreed. When we checked the car, the odor was gone and the car sold 3 days later. We use Odor Doctor exclusively now for our Odor Removal. They work wonders with Smoke!! We are extremely happy with their services and would recommend them to any dealer.

Jon Dewer

Hyundai of Orange Park

I've been using Odor Doctor for over 2 years now. They have been extremely professional with absolutely NO complaints! They are here once or twice weekly, depending on my preference. They are the only vendor I use for Odor Removal. I highly recommend them.

Roger Schmitt

Daytona Dodge Chrysler Jeep

We have been using Odor Doctor for just over a year now. We have been exceptionally happy with the results. They have been able to get out Pet odors, Cigarette Smoke, Cigar Smoke, Body Odor, Cat Urine and odors unknown. They are the only company we use for our odor removal. Very reliable, dependable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

Scott Stevens

Jon Hall Chevrolet

Daytona Beach, FL

There isn't any odor that Odor Doctor can't cure! Kevin at Odor Doctor has made such an incredible impact in our trades. Whether it be tobacco, pet odors, mildew or mold, the cars smell amazing. Better yet, our cars are selling faster. Last week we had a Toyota Tundra that smelled so bad, you had to open all the windows just to get inside. After just one treatment, Kevin made it smell almost brand new. The best part though is the truck sold within a few days of the treatment. I recommend all my vehicles go through Kevin and Odor Doctor before they are put on my lot. Thank you Kevin and Thank you Odor Doctor!!


Alex Hammond

Inventory Manager

Stokes Brown Toyota

The Odor Doctor has always done a good job for me! Great prices and they are very reliable and always on time for appointments. We have used their odor removal services for funky smells as well as smoke. No second treatment has been necessary. They have deodorized many of our vehicles and we would highly recommend them!

Jonathan Ranney

Daytona Toyota Internet Sales

I just wanted to say a word of Thanks for a job well done. I had a 2004 Blazer in my inventory that smelled very strong of smoke & I really didn't hold much hope to get it smelling better but I figured if anyone could do it, Odor Doctor would be the one. First let me say in 26 years of automotive retail management, I have not had much luck at all with vendors who either over promised and under delivered or that were even reliable enough to show up regularly at all. I am best described as your worst skeptic when it comes to getting rid of smoke smell.

However, when I met Brandye a year or so ago, she was without question the most helpful, reliable and personable vendor in this entire area. The nice part is that she is quite good in her knowledge and expertise when it comes to odor removal. Shortly after the treatment to my smoke absorbed Blazer, it sold, and to a former smoker who said she is very sensitive to smoke smell....Said she could tell it was NOT owned by a smoker. How about that !!  If you want someone who is good and always reliable, look nowhere else but "Odor Doctor". They are the best around, so accept no substitutes in that field.

Thank you Odor Doctor!

Best Regards,

Tom Pelchen

Daytona Beach, FL

Odor Doctor has been treating our RV's for about 10 months now. They are very good at getting rid of all sorts of odors from the trade in units. We are extremely happy with the results we get when we call the Doctor. They always respond quickly.

Robert Westmoreland

General RV

Jacksonville, FL

Odor Doctor is amazing! Our customers are extremely satisfied with the results! Response time is unbeatable, even with needed "emergency" service. Keep up the great work Odor Doctor! We will use no other company!

David V.

Orlando RV, Winter Park, FL

I recently had the opportunity to call Odor Doctor for a serious odor problem I had on the property at our Condo Association. The immediate response was amazing and the professional care the technician took not only with my office staff, but with the unit and the renters in the unit was most regarding. I highly recommend this company for any odor issues you may have with your property. The odor issue on our property was quite severe and the recovery was quite remarkable. I called Odor Doctor for a problem with mildew smell in one of our units. The technician was prompt, courteous and professional. She had to have interaction with our guest, and was extremely professional. The problem in the unit was solved in less than an hour and the results were amazing. We are very happy with Odor Doctor!!

Meg Dunham, Property Manager

Spanish Trace Ocean Club, St. Augustine, FL

The Odor Doctor has been terrific! The technician they send to service our RV's is very reliable and efficient. The Odor Doctor is priced very fair as well. We have used their odor removal services for smoke, dog, as well as cat odors. They have serviced many of our units and we would highly recommend them.

Eddie Falco, Sales Manager

Ocean Grove RV, St. Augustine, FL 

I was a sceptic at first, but the Odor Doctor technician who treated our Rental Car cured our Odor problem. A customer had rented our car and transported thier cats. We got the car back with Cat Spray in the vehicle. We were unable to rent the car for more than a month due to the smell. The Odor Doctor was able to remove the strong odor and we were able to rent the car right away. What's more, the odor did not come back. It's been weeks and the car is still odor free. They have since done treatment on another vehicle for smoke and dog odors. I would recommend thier service to auto dealers or personal owners.

Dave Branco, Owner

Car Time Auto, Palm Coast, FL

Wow!! What a difference!! We had a tenant who was a smoker. We could not seem to rent the home after they moved. We heard about Odor Doctor, so we decided to give them a try. The results were amazing. We have since also used their service to remove "dog" odor from a rental home. We are very happy with the service this company provides. We have them on our speed dial.

Dusty Palm Limited, LLC

Flagler Beach, FL

Odor Doctor is the only company we use to get rid of the Smoke, Dog and other smells that are in the trade-in vehicles from our inventory. It works great every time! The tech's are always polite and professional and ready to help. We highly recommend them to anyone.

Steve, Detail Manager

Keith Pierson Toyota, Jacksonville, FL

I took in a Honda CR-V that had unbelievable Cigar smell in the vehicle. We have been using Odor Doctor for several years, but I really didn't think anything was going to work on this problem since it was just so bad. Our Odor Doctor tech came out on their regular day and mentioned the vehicle to me. I told them to give it their best shot, but didn't expect to much. An hour later, you could never tell the car had been smoked in at all. Sold it a couple of days later. We love Odor Doctor!

David Heimgartner, Used Car Manager

Coggin Honda

We were struggling with a Curry odor in one of our Apartment homes. We had tried everything from a full paint job to flooring replacement, to a spray odor eliminator daily. The odor eliminator would work for a few hours and the curry odor would be right back. Nothing was working and it was the day before move-in by the new residents. I called Odor Doctor in a last attempt, not expecting that there was any way we could get the problem resolved by move-in less than 24 hours away. Brandye answered and was very kind and helpful. She assured me she would be out early the next morning and have the apartment home ready for move in by 10:30 am. I was skeptical that there was no way the smell could be removed that fast and be pleasant for a new resident so soon. She proved me wrong!! The apartment home was free of any odor and the residents were happy! First impressions are everything in our business and Odor Doctor helped us to achieve a great first impression and hopefully a long-time resident!! It's hard to find vendors so willing to help and who really feel like part of your team nowadays. Thank you Odor Doctor for an amazing job. Well done!!


Dana Speer. Property Manager

Osprey Landings Apartments, Daytona Beach, FL